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Isuzu Diesel Pickup

The Rodeo is an automotive nameplate for an Isuzu Diesel Pickup manufactured between 1988 and 2004. The Rodeo name has been utilized both for the compact isuzu diesel pickup truck sold in Japan and a compact SUV sold in North America.

Isuzu is mostly known for trucks of all sizes in Asia, Africa and Europe and famous for producing commercial vehicles and diesel engines with production facilities in Japan, China, Thailand, Poland, Turkey and North America. Isuzu’s diesel engines can be found in vehicles around the world like the Renault, Opel and General Motors brands. Isuzu’s diesel engine production has reached over 21 million by 2009, but it had to drop the North American consumer market for small and medium automobiles including the isuzu diesel pickup for lack of sales.

Isuzu launched its first diesel power plant in 1936. After more than 60 years, over 300,000 diesel engines used by General Motors come from Isuzu under the terms of a capital agreement in 1971. The relationship flourished until Isuzu and GM formed a joint venture to develop and produce the 6.6 Duramax 6600 Turbo Diesel. The aim was to eventually offer the most powerful diesel engine for a full size, light duty pick up truck. The Duramax Diesel 7800 is installed in GMC Topkick, Chevrolet Kodiak and all GM’s T-series. General Motors committed to use Isuzu diesel power in the manufacture of its trucks. This is an additional advantage because the GM dealer is certified and equipped to handle the repair, maintenance and servicing of all Isuzu vehicles. However parts for discontinued models like the isuzu pup pickup oil filters have become harder to find.

The Rodeo title for isuzu has previously been affixed to the Isuzu Faster rear-wheel drive isuzu pickup truck from 1978. The Isuzu Faster Rodeo was in the market for two generations but the name was simplified to Isuzu Rodeo between 1988 and 1994. They also produced the Isuzu Bighorn Rodeo from 1981 which was abbreviated to Isuzu Bighorn but known as the Isuzu Trooper internationally. In North America the Rodeo Name was appended to the 1991 model year of the five-door SUV known in the Japanese market as the Isuzu Wizard. There was also a three-door version named Isuzu Amigo which later became the Rodeo Sport in 2000. Production has been stopped for both SUVs and isuzu diesel pick up in North America in 2004.

A sport-utility vehicle is a standard offer among the vehicle lines of almost every automotive manufacturer. The Isuzu Rodeo was a 1900s pioneer in the truck-based, off-road vehicle lines for trendsetters then ahead of their time for wanting elevation in their seating. There were the rough-and-tumble models from Chevy or Jeep but the Rodeo has the same ample room yet provided a more comfy ride. It became a best-selling imported SUV and a used isuzu rodeo is still highly regarded by used car dealers and buyers.

The Faster has been sold in the United States in the 1981 model year under the "Chevrolet LUV" name. They still offered the same gasoline engine but also offered the LUV with an Isuzu C223 58 hp diesel engine. The new rear-wheel drive LUV with the diesel engine gave the car a fuel economy rating of 33 mpg city / 44 mpg highway. Chevrolet stopped selling the LUV after the 1982 model year in the United States and concentrated on selling their own S-10 compact diesel pickup truck. However, Isuzu sold the same isuzu diesel pickup that year in the US under the name Isuzu P’up which was short for pickup. The Isuzu pup pickup was sold either with an 80 hp 1.8-liter gasoline inline-four called G18OZ or an 80 hp 2.3-liter diesel version called C223.

Isuzu’s focus has been on the provision of reliable, clean, durable diesel power and they have been in the market for over 70 years. The diesel engine has been given superb performance and has seen constant innovation and improvement.

In 1998, the Isuzu’s Duramax 7800 diesel engine, a six-cylinder unit with a displacement of 7.8 L made its debut in North America. The Duramax 7800 is the first isuzu diesel pickup engine which resulted from the partnership of GM Powertrain with Isuzu. The engine is charge-air cooled and turbocharged with a compression ratio of 1.8:1 for both ratings. It weighed at 1235 lbs. without clutch.

When buying a used isuzu diesel pickup, the condition is very important. While maintenance records and mileage can tell you its history, common sense should be employed in choosing the right used vehicle. An example is the same mileage for a vehicle that is used for short deliveries in town and another used for long distance driving. Common sense tells you the frequent stops and starts have considerably worn out the moving parts of the city vehicle as compared to the other one.

The isuzu diesel pickup engines set the standard for strength and durability worldwide. For do-it -yourselfers, conversion kits are available to mate isuzu diesel engines to other automatic transmissions, a range of choices of Chevy, GMC or an Allison 1000 for example.